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A Difference You Can See.

Our solutions help organizations reduce costs, improve productivity and ultimately ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. We use a vision first approach to help you gain the insight necessary to achieve consistent quality control, improve performance and attain seamless process visibility & traceability. We are able to drive intelligence down to the device and application level in order to build a distributed and collaborative network of smart connected systems.

Because we understand the impact that quality and performance have on business, we focus on building solid solutions that integrate to your process. Our algorithms have inspected over 10 billion devices in the US and Europe. This expertise allows us to couple cutting edge techniques and technologies to build solutions that align with your organization’s performance goals and objectives.

Our ability to deploy engineered solutions, software applications and services to the plant floor and onto the enterprise gives our customers a broad spectrum of options to implement custom or off-the-shelf solutions.

Machine Vision (MV)

Machine vision (MV) is fundamentally the technology and methods that enable the automation of imaging-based analysis.  Automated inspection, process control, and robot guidance are examples of applications that rely on machine vision for quality and control.

Our expertise in machine vision, coupled with our enterprise intelligence experience gives us a particular niche to provide you with algorithms and integration tools to automate and connect your systems to the enterprise; capture data from vision and process instrumentation; and collect performance information for big data analysis.

A vision system, however, is only as good as the image presented to it. We have particular expertise in lighting solutions to maximize visibility and detection of the feature(s) of interest. Our solutions take into account optics, lighting and color (UV, IR, visible), camera (resolution, electronics and field of view (FOV)),  filtering and ancillary staging components and fixtures.


Vision System Design

mo_filtersPolarizers and filters, such as these made by Midopt (www.midopt.com) are often used to significantly improve image quality resulting in a repeatable, more accurate and reliable inspection analysis.

When image presentation is optimal, the algorithm design is clean and delivers best overall accuracy, yield and performance.  We use building blocks such as signal processing techniques, neural networks, support vector machines, k-means segmentation, and Markov modeling among other scientific, statistical and mathematical methods to build fast, repeatable, accurate and stable solutions.

Advanced Algorithms

We leverage the latest .Net (C#/VB) and Java Technologies to build libraries and components that methodically aim to solve specific problems. 

Our algorithm design and development target applications for inspection, classification, pattern recognition with advanced functionality and performance to maximize GPU, hardware and data throughput. 


Track & Trace

trace_handOptical Character Verification (OCV) closes the loop on traceability applications that require serialization, secure labeling, tracking and quality control.  Technologies such as RFID are also used in conjunction to visual verification for track and trace applications.  In sectors, such as pharmaceutical, logical linking of products and packaged units can be verified with OCV and integrated enterprise intelligence.  Logistics and warehouse management systems (WMS) rely on these technologies to track and manage assets, product inventory and distribution.

Coupled with our M2E and EI services, we can provide an integrated turnkey solution that facilitates workflow, auditing and traceability requirements for parts, assets and even documents.

Machine-to-Enterprise (M2E + M2M)

EZ Systems builds engineered solutions with applications and services that leverage Industrial protocols to seamlessly connect and communicate to control systems, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and other production level devices as well as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Quality Management Systems (QMS), and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). Our capabilities also include remote desktop services (RDS), remote monitoring, middle-ware, embedded systems and appliances for inter-connectivity and protocol conversion to enable new or legacy systems to be networked and communicate.

We deploy OPC / OPC UA technologies as well as other Industrial protocols (such as Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet, ModbusTCP among others) to bridge the communication gap between devices and establish Machine-To-Machine (M2M) communications and interoperability. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) and M2M are growing technologies that aim to bridge communication gaps to optimize, not only how machines communicate, but learn.  Many IoT device makers look to industrial protocols for stable, fast and efficient communications between devices.

In today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers and enterprises have turned to automation and technology to gain process advantages since cost reduction strategies such as lean, Six Sigma, Kaizan and others are reaching the law of diminishing returns.  Smart factories and operations are relying more and more on interconnected smart devices for productivity and agility.

Connected Means Versatile.


Devices like the ModBerry 500, by TechBase (modberry.techbase.eu), provide an innovative means to connect devices that would otherwise remain isolated.  Furthermore, cloud based services enhance its capabilities for a broad range of applications.

Performance Indicators

We deliver off-the-shelf or custom OEE solutions for your process.  As part of many lean initiatives, OEE provides the key performance indicators (KPI) to help gauge operational performance.  In conjunction with our vision solutions, we are able to capture and feed results used for real-time performance analysis and reporting.  

Monitoring & Notification

We independently monitor production systems and applications to deliver health status and critical event notifications. Events are logged and forwarded to key personnel and to applications, mobile devices and other production systems to maintain awareness and shorten response times. 

IoT/M2M Middleware

Industrial devices like PLC’s and smart devices often rely on middleware to connect to the enterprise.  Application Enablement Platform (AEP) vendors offer a variety of options to build applications and (IoT)/embedded devices to capture and exchange information. 

We can build custom or deploy off-the-shelf middleware solutions to meet your needs.

Enterprise Intelligence (EI)

Real-time information and applications are rapidly evolving. Requirements for data analysis and visualization are more complex and sophisticated while the need for big-data, along with the integration of disparate systems, continues to place demands for new and smarter applications and services.

Our solutions leverage the latest .Net, virtualization and cloud technologies to build business and enterprise applications that seamlessly connect with your devices, control systems and enterprise services. Whether on premise or on the cloud, VMware or Hyper-V, our solutions are built to leverage existing or new resources.

We can deploy mobile (iOS/Android), Web Portals (Intra/extra net) and office (Office365) solutions that enable users and production support personnel with real-time information right on their fingertips.  Empowering users across the enterprise with current and relevant information, increases performance and diminishes productivity losses.  

Our vision and application integration solutions leverage data collection and retrieval services. We are capable of integrating a multitude of solutions from plant historians to enterprise level databases (SQL, Oracle, MySQL) and open-source software frameworks (such as Hadoop) for big data distributed processing.

Rapid Application Development


We build web applications and portals in half the time with role based security and full ASP.NET and Web API tools.

Web Services

We provide Web-based application services integration using XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open standards to provide platform independent inter-connectivity. Our solutions include web service (REST/SOAP) design and development as well as consumption and security.

Web services for industrial applications allow interoperability between business and plant operations that enable bidirectional exchange of information.  Additionally, we deploy web services for mobile application consumption to build mobile “clipboards” and other data collection services.

Database & Adhoc Reporting Tools

Relational database management systems are an integral part in the storage, retrieval and analysis of process and performance data.  As part of our software and applications development life-cycle, we provide schema design, stored procedure programming (data validation, access control and centralized logic) and deployment solutions for RDMS, NoSQL and other database technologies. 

Our vision solutions leverage our software and database design capabilities to capture inspection results and raw image data while making it accessible to enterprise level applications.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications provide a multitude of benefits at the production and enterprise levels.  We can build mobile tools for a variety of applications to deliver and capture process information. 

Our mobile development capabilities allow us to craft diverse solutions ranging from digital clipboards to remote displays that serve inspection results and device diagnostics dashboards.